A little bit about Michelle

Have you ever had that person that you work with where you can ask them to do anything and they always answer “yes?” That’s Michelle. She takes care of all technical items such as computers, phone systems, security systems/office keys, orders office supplies, supervises the front desk area and helps the office run smoothly for everyone.

Michelle has a diverse background, which no doubt helps her help us! She’s worked in hospitality, the service industry and has been a data engineer at a Wildlife Research Facility for the government.

She’s been with us since 2009 and loves her job. Michelle says the culture, the truly kind, caring and wonderful people she gets to work with, and the feelings of accomplishment and commitment, fill her with PRIDE.

Outside of work, Michelle’s family is her life. Her daughter, Riley, is the light of her and her husband Jerrod’s world. They have a gorgeous Lhasa Apso named Charlie. Michelle also enjoys reading, crocheting and has a fondness for The Little Couple and Oprah’s Where Are They Now. She has lived throughout North Dakota and decided to call Fargo home in 2001. She has so much love and pride for our community.

Why Michelle loves what she does

When asked why she chose Heritage Homes, she beamed and said, “Like there’s any other choice! This is my happy place. The work is always varied and interesting. The people are my family. Coming in to work is like a warm hug for me. I love this office, my job and the people I get to work with. I am the one that is honored to work here.”


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