A little bit about Jenna

Jenna helps guide her clients through lot selection, choosing a plan and customizing it to their needs. She wholeheartedly believes in serving her clients and making sure their homebuilding journey is enjoyable.

Jenna is so grateful not only for family, friends and mentors who believed in her transition to sales, but also to her clients who have taught her throughout the years. She began waiting tables at age of 14 and paid her way through college to graduate in 3 1/2 years. Shortly after graduating she began her wedding photography business and continues to photograph family and weddings in her free time.

An interesting fact about Jenna is that she was once struck by lightening.

Why Jenna loves what she does

We asked Jenna why she enjoys coming to work everyday. She replied, “I love what I do, because I am able to live out my passion by helping people with one of the largest purchases of their life. My promise to all clients is to create an experience they look back on years from now, smile and never forget.”


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