A little bit about Eric

Eric will get your creative juices flowing. He takes your ideas, thoughts and dreams and organizes them to create a personalized plan for your dream home. He also works to ensure all the details of pre-construction are taken care of for you. That way, you can just sit back and relax!

Why Eric loves what he does

We asked Eric what excites him about the work he does, he said, “Giving people a way to take a dream and make it a reality is what it’s all about. It’s rewarding to help homeowners come up with ideas that give them exactly what they wanted, even before they knew they wanted it. I love that I can meet with someone, and take a home and design it around them to fit their needs, wants and lifestyle. In that way, every home I design is very personal, and that personal attachment is gratifying to me, and their happiness is my happiness.”


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