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Welcome Troy Mattern: Director of Sales

By March 30, 2018Company News

We are excited to announce a new member to our Heritage Homes family! Welcome Troy Mattern as the new Heritage Homes Director of Sales! Troy joins us with an extensive background in education, coaching and business management. Welcome, Troy!

Meet Troy.

As Director of Sales, Troy will use his extensive coaching background to oversee the operations of the sales team and New Home Specialists. Troy will work with his team to instill the philosophies of Heritage Homes and help our customers better understand Heritage and the value we put into our homes. Troy is also responsible for developing and implementing the sales process and training to his team, so we can deliver a clear and confident message to our customer.

Let’s learn a little more about Troy:

1) Where is your favorite place to travel?

We like variety but it has to be warm it is always exciting seeing the kids face when they see a new place, but our favorite is Atlantis in the Bahamas.

2) What are your hobbies outside of work?

Football, whether coaching or watching, football is my passion.  When I’m not involved in football, I enjoy golfing and fishing up on Lake of the Woods in Ontario.

3) What’s your favorite trend right now?

Technology is always of interest to me, I love how things evolve so quickly to make our lives much easier.

4) Family, Wife, Kids, Pets?

I’m married to my junior high sweetheart Jamie and we have 4 kids, twins Cooper and Lydia that are 15, Jax 10 and Ily 7.  Also, a dog named Gabby.

5) What’s your favorite spring drink?

It doesn’t matter the season, can’t go a day without my Diet Dew

6) What excites you about working on the Heritage Homes Team?

It’s just that, team,  I love how everyone works together for a common goal and how everyone is an expert in their area of expertise.

7) If you were an emoji, what would you be?

I would be the smiley face, I am always trying to find the positive in things and bringing out smiles in other.  Life is too short not to smile


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