The Heritage Homes Experience – Amy & Toby R. Testimonial

“Heritage Homes wasn’t on our radar, because we didn’t think we could afford them, but our minds quickly changed after many builders said ‘NO’ and Heritage Homes said, ‘YES.’ Mari (New Home Sales Specialist) was so friendly and even held meetings after hours so we didn’t miss work. Once we got into the building process we worked with Nicole (Project Coordinator). She was amazing too! Everyone was. If we decide to build again, Heritage Homes will 100% get our business. We highly recommend them!”  –  Amy & Toby R.

When we first decided to buy/build a different home, Heritage Homes honestly wasn’t even on our radar. We thought there is no way that we can afford one of their homes. My sister was in the process of working with them and had mentioned to Mari (New Home Sales Specialist) that we were also looking. Mari kindly sent my sister a few emails on some homes that they offered that weren’t listed on the website. From there, we met with Mari and looked at a few homes before ultimately deciding on the home that we built. We researched ALL builders. I even asked a few builders if they built in our price range and got a flat “NO” email response. I thought, wow, they certainly don’t want my business if they aren’t even willing to sit down with me to hear what we want. This was our second home (building process) and it wasn’t like our budget was super low and what we were asking for wasn’t possible.

When we started working with Mari she was so friendly, and allowed us to answer question after question. She held meetings after normal work hours so that we didn’t need to miss work in the process. We never felt rushed or worried that we were getting in over our head. We enjoyed going through the meetings, being able to “remodel” our home to how it would work better for our family and knowing the costs associated with those things up front and not being in sticker shock at the end. Again, we had time to discuss, decide what options we wanted to go with and what we could afford. They did everything they could to keep us on budget.

Once we got into the building process we were allowed to enter the home and we asked questions along the way. We worked with Nicole (Project Coordinator) through this process and she was also just as amazing as Mari!  I would email over questions and they were so prompt in their responses! It was so nice to get answers to our questions typically the same day rather than waiting a week or more. When we went to pick out our selections we got a list, the time frame the selections needed to be done in and we were notified of any additional cost over the allowed shortly after. Everything didn’t need to be picked out in one day. We were given an excellent amount of time to have those meetings and make our decisions. We got updated addendums from Darcy throughout the process so again, we always knew what our bottom line was. Darcy was also prompt in answering any questions that we had from the addendums.

Our warranty work has been completed on time. If we have questions or concerns, Mary (HomeCare Coordinator) and Wayne (HomeCare Manager) are extremely prompt in responding. Even if the response is that they are checking on it and it may take a few weeks, they still respond and keep me in the loop on the process. We have never had an issue with them not fixing something or making it right.

I could go on and on about the entire process and how wonderful it really was. If we ever decided to build again, Heritage Homes would 100% get our business! The entire process as well as staff was absolutely amazing and I feel that we have been well taken care of! I will refer friends and family to Heritage for years to come! Oh and in the end, we went over our budget by $122.12! That is pretty amazing to be that close!

Don’t just take our word for it, read the testimonials of these satisfied Heritage Homes customers who have experienced the difference. Our people and our process are truly one-of-a-kind. It’s not just what we do, but how we do it. That’s the difference.