Steve & Meredith – the Springfield journey

Steve & Meredith have spent the past few decades moving with the air force and several years ago landed themselves in our lovely community of Fargo. After at least 13 moves, children and now grandchildren, they are living their home building dream!

When they look back at their building experience, they finally get to be in their Heritage home! Steve & Meredith fell in love with our rambler style floor plan called the Springfield. They have a warm inviting kitchen with nutmeg stained oak and colorful rooms throughout. With memories surrounding every inch of their home, we couldn’t be more excited that they chose Heritage Homes to go on the home building journey! We loved that you wanted to designate the lower level for your grandkids when they visit, featuring a large playroom with red barn doors, which is Meredith favorite part of the entire home! Thank you for trusting in our team and welcome to the Heritage Homes family!


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