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As a new home owner and first time builder, I wanted to work with a builder that would work with my vision and budget, provide QUALITY work, and take care of me after the process was complete. After looking around for months, I finally met Lindsey and was able to start looking at model homes. I immediately knew that Heritage Homes would be the right fit for me. It felt like I was working with friends I had known my whole life, but actually has only recently met. This team can move mountains! For example, I fell in love with a lot in Horace that I was determine to build on but was hesitant due to a neighborhood electrical box and water lift station being in eye shot of the house. Lindsey quickly remedied this concern by having the developer design and approve a landscaping park (trees, grass, bushes, plants, rocks, lights) to cover the equipment. Once Lindsey handed me off to Nicole, I knew we were in great hands. Nicole is organized, timely, efficient, and knows exactly which direct to take her clients in. Without having family in town to assist me, I trusted Nicole to share her opinions, thoughts, and advice on a frequent basis. When closing was upon us, a ‘closing celebration’ was scheduled with our realtor, Heritage Team, Title company, and our lender. They gifted us thoughtful decor for the new house, popped champagne, took photos, and gave a toast to our new journey. Now having been in our new build for over two weeks, I frequently admire the attention to detail and the quality of the work this team provided to us. I am grateful for the 1 year warranty program which allows for a visit from the warranty team at months 2, 6 and 12. All of the characteristics in a builder I was wish for is present at Heritage Homes and I could NOT be happier with the process!