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How to Improve Your Outdoor Entertaining

Whether it’s a front courtyard, expanded deck, or backyard barbecue, plan for outdoor entertaining when you are designing your new home!

What amenities would make that space conducive to how you like to gather with family and friends? Consider lighting, electrical outlets, and perhaps outdoor speakers. Think about storage for outdoor games and activities. Create a 3-5 year landscaping plan you add to each Spring in order to achieve the look you really want. And, carefully choose the access point(s) between inside and outside. For example, you won’t want to come in from the outside and step directly onto carpet with muddy shoes!

Maybe your space is small or you entertain/grill out often, but don’t want a full outdoor kitchen. You might consider adding a Chill ‘N Grill station. The Chill ‘N Grill is typically placed just inside the door leading to the grilling area and can include an under-counter refrigerator, prep counter, and storage for seasonings and grilling utensils. It is fast becoming one of today’s hottest design amenities!

People who explained to us they love to barbecue but dont have or even want a full outdoor kitchen were the inspiration for the Chill ‘N Grill station, typically just inside the door leading to the grilling area. With under-counter refrigerator, prep counter, and storage for seasonings and grilling utensils, the Chill ‘N Grill is fast becoming one of todays hottest design amenities.

Outdoor Grilling Safety Tips

Stay safe this summer.

  • Only use gas grills outdoors, away from siding and deck railings.
  • Clean grills often and remove grease or fat buildup.
  • Make sure your gas grill is open before lighting.
  • Have a 3-foot “safe zone” around grills and campfires. Keep kids and pets clear of the area.
  • Dispose of coals after they cool in a metal can.
  • Never leave grills, fire pits, and patio torches unattended.

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