Fargo Moves to 17th in the Country to Build a Forever Home

We are PROUD to be apart of a community that is continuing to grow! We loved hearing the news that our community is now 17th in the country to build a forever home in! Read more from WDAY News on how our community ranks and influences the area to build.

FARGO—Fargo has outpaced cities like Ann Arbor, Michigan and Sioux City, Iowa as one of the best cities to buy a home.

Window shopping for a house, or better yet, a forever home.

“We wanted to build a home that we would live in for the rest of our lives. That was kind of the idea,” said David Gira, New Homeowner.

Many prospective buyers are hopeful to lay down roots and foundation with new builds.

Demand is up for custom built homes in our metro and for an average home around $300,000, most fly off the market in just 60 days.

The Home Builders Association hopes to inspire googley-eyed buyers.

“I really hope they see just how important new construction is and how far new construction has come. Whether its energy efficiency, whether it’s the what we put in the home,” said Tyrone Leslie, Home Builders Association.

This study echoes the same sentiment; Fargo ranks number 17 in the whole country for the best place to build a forever home, but not with the stereotypical 1990’s row house, at least not anymore.

“The whole community has evolved in our area, there was a time when neighborhoods were just streets and houses. Now you’re seeing ponds, parks, splash pads. You’re seeing a lot more go into the areas so that they’re designed around a family,” said Robert Leslie, President of Designer Homes.

More families want what’s catered to them in their forever home.

“My god, I wish I could have this. That’s what you want as a new home builder. You want that happiness. Then walk it out and say you found the right home,” said Tyrone.

Home builders in the area say they are doing three times as many custom built homes now than even five years ago.

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