My excitement reached such a pitch it overshadowed my nostalgic attachment to our previous home.

Edward & Sandy

Edward & Sandy

Sandy and I want to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude for what you and your colleagues have done to make our transition from our previous home to our twin home a very positive and relatively trouble free experience.

When Sandy initially suggested it was time for us to consider moving into a new house more compatible with our creaking, aging joints, I was less than enthusiastic. I confess! I am a sentimental old fool, who hated the thought of leaving our home of 37 years, a home that has delighted us with rich and enduring memories of our three sons’ formative years. To leave all that behind was, for me, too much to expect.

However, enter Tyrone Leslie and Heritage Homes and the unthinkable happened! Working with you and your colleagues was such a positive experience that I became excited at the prospect of moving to Evergreen Estates. Eventually, my excitement reached such a pitch it overshadowed my nostalgic attachment to our previous home. Indeed, on the day we moved into our new twin home, our excitement was almost palpable. We didn’t look back with any regrets. In fact, our only regret was that we didn’t make the move years sooner!

I would be remiss if I did not mention the cooperation and service we have received from Wayne McGrath, the manager of your Service Department. Wayne is not only congenial but he has been empathetic and responsive to our needs and requests. Any new home will require some minor tweaking or adjustment during the warranty period and Wayne has been most helpful. Please express to him our gratitude and thanks.

In closing, let me emphasize how happy Sandy and I are as active members of our little, closely knitted Evergreen Estates community. As we continue to make new acquaintances and develop new friendships, our sense of belonging strengthens and our roots grow deeper. Truly, our new home and community have enriched our lives!

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