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3 Pumpkin Projects That Will Outlast the Season

Fall in love with these perfect pumpkins made out of materials from your local hardware store.

Nothing says fall like a bright orange pumpkin, but the real thing doesn’t always last very long. This autumn, opt for an out-of-the-box pumpkin you can craft with one quick trip to the hardware store.

One ideas is the “Long-Lasting Jack-O’-Lantern”

Slide a galvanized bucket into a heavy-duty trash bag. Wearing protective gloves such as nitrile, spread toilet bowl cleaner across the entire surface of the bucket, close the bag, and allow it to sit overnight. This process should add an aged look to a steel bucket. Pull the bucket from the bag and place on a surface you don’t mind getting paint on. Using black paint, paint your preferred jack-o’-lantern face on the front of the bucket. Once dry, fill with your favorite fall flowers to enjoy all season long.

Article provided by, photo provided by Cassidy Garcia, click here for more project ideas for the fall.

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